Gearing up for Onboarding Success

New hires undergo a rapid and consistent level of safety and compliance training prior to being placed into the maintenance arena. As a top priority, employees will be trained for safety as it relates airports and equipment. Workplace policies, ethics and procedures are also part of the initial training.
JSM Airport Services Training Plan Overview:
Workplace Rules and Ethics
Health, Safety and Environment
BHS/PBB Operation and Orientation
Professional Development

Ensuring a Secure & protected Environment for all

A strong commitment to safety is crucial for preventing injuries and financial consequences.
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Pioneering Safety Excellence

Proactive and preventive measures to eliminate accidents, involving the identification of hazards and thorough investigation of workplace accidents and health risks.


Empowerment through Knowledge

Comprehensive training and regular instruction for all employees associated with identified risks.

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Setting the Bar

Internal standards implemented for the safe handling of industry-specific hazards.

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Wellness in the Workplace

Prevention of work-related illnesses caused by physical and psychological stresses, ensuring safe workflows and seamless operations.

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