Passenger Boarding Bridges


Currently servicing over 200 PBBs in large HUB airports across the United States

JSM offers skilled Passenger Boarding Bridge experts who can efficiently and effectively maintain the Passenger Boarding Bridge equipment, Pre-Conditioned Air Units, Ground Power Units, and Potable Water Cabinets that airports have invested in. The quality of our maintenance work is as important as the completion rate. 100% Preventative Maintenance and 100% Corrective Maintenance = “ZERO DOWNTIME”.

Dedicated Protection & Security for Your Assets

Passenger Boarding Bridges are the most important link between the terminal and aircraft. JSM Maintenance Teams can provide expert and effective maintenance programs.

Pre-Conditioned Air Unit

Ensuring your air unit maintains comfort and improves cabin air quality for an enhanced boarding experience.

Ground Power Unit

JSM can operate and safely service your GPU, guaranteeing a reliable supply of electrical power to the aircraft.

Key features

What Makes Our Passenger Boarding Bridge Maintenance Services Stand Out

These key advantages are the secret to our bridges’ outstanding performance, ensuring an experience that’s exceptional.

Adept and extensively trained professionals with years of valuable experience.
Achieve extraordinary success through strategic collaboration and building strong partnerships.
JSM uses cost-effective tech for better maintenance and communication, enhancing efficiency and the bottom line.
We prioritize sustainable operations and maintenance for airports, a core principle that promotes a healthier planet and team.

Reliability at Every Boarding Gate

Benefit from our team’s hands-on experience with top manufacturers, ensuring smooth integration without a learning curve. Fly with assurance, confident that your boarding bridges are precisely aligned for peak performance.
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