Diversity & Inclusion


Building Success Through Inclusivity

JSM Airport Services recognizes that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is good for business. As an organization we strategize to:

Cultivate an inclusive organizational climate

Attract and retain a diverse employee base

Improve accountability and transparency

Approach to DEI Cultivates Success

At JSM, our DEI strategies revolve around cultivating an inclusive organizational climate. This involves creating an environment where every employee feels valued, heard, and empowered. We are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse employee base, believing that our differences make us stronger.

Holistic Approach

Our commitment to DEI goes beyond policies

It is ingrained in our culture. The DEI “Inclusion Ring” graphic reflects the structured and key elements of our program. We understand that true inclusion goes beyond hiring practices, extending to every facet of our operations.



Inclusive Teams
JSM prioritizes a robust MWBE team, surrounded by experience for project success.
Exceeding MWBE Goals
Plan for a MWBE participation goal internally which is higher than the goal requested by the client.
Well defined project scopes
JSM ensures project clarity, enabling all team members, including MWBE, to contribute meaningfully.
Early Engagement for Impact

JSM engages MWBE participants early in projects, leveraging their expertise for impactful results

A Leader in Diversity & Inclusion

Experience our genuine commitment to diversity, from an inclusive organizational climate to proactive MBE support. Join us in shaping a future where every voice is heard and every individual thrives.